That feeling when you come up with a new one.
The excitement of knowing you’re on to something.
That click when you know you’ve solved a real problem.
You love it.
And so do we.
The thing is all too often these ideas
They shouldn’t:
You’re in a big corporation,
You’ve got the money,
You’ve got the right partners,
You’ve got the experience.
But they do. Why?
The meetings,
The never-ending discussions,
The I'll-get-back-to-you-on-that-ones,
The summer breaks.
At FABERNOVEL we’ve decided to give your ideas some legs.
Together, we’ll deliver
quick results.

We gather the right people…

Coach Agile
Photo of Charlotte, Coach Agile
Project Analyst
Photo of Juliette, Project Analyst
Creative Strategist
Photo of Maryem, Creative Strategist
Lead Developer
Photo of Alexis, Lead Developer
Marketing Strategist
Photo of Laurent, Marketing Strategist
UX/UI Designer
Photo of Mathieu, UX/UI Designer

at the right place.

How does it work?

Like we did with them

Together we launched the first rental guarantee service.
Placeholder image
First live website in 4 months.
We launched Canal+’s #1 streaming app.
Placeholder image
2 million
downloads since 2013.
Elmer won an innovation award at CES 2018.
Placeholder image
Launch of a new service:
the connected shower. Ready for installation.
We launched a self-management platform for ENGIE’s top clients to manage their energy budget.
Placeholder image
less time spent on invoicing.

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